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Assessment application form

You can register your interest in taking a Hill Walking Permit at any time by contacting assessors [at] theimc.org.uk but Hill Walking Assessments generally take place on a specific trip in November. 

In order to cover all aspects of the syllabus, there is also an evening session, based in Kent, for anyone planning on going for their permit. The session will involve some theory as well as some practical work. This session is the first part of the assessment process, which will be completed on the hills in November. You must have applied for an assessment (including submitting a log book) before attending.

NOTE: Anyone who wants to include wild camping on their permit, will need to go on the May trip so that their wild camping can be assessed. We can't assess for camping on the November trip.

Please use the online application form below. If the application form does not show, try refreshing your browser. Please contact the organiser if you are unable to complete the form online or for a paper copy of the application form. 

Cost of assessments.

We aim to keep the cost of Hill Walking Assessment trips to a minimum and IMC subsidises some of the trip. You are also entitled to claim up to 50% of the cost of your assessment back from HQ but it must be done at least 4 weeks in advance of the trip. Details are here. Many groups or districts will also contribute to the cost of an assessment and you should contact your GSL or DC for further information.

IMC do not deal with Climbing Assessments. Contact the Climbing team