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Log books

A vital part of the process is keeping a log book of all your hill and mountain experience as it will help the assessors establish your experience. The more comprehensive your log book, the better your chances of gaining a permit.

Quality Mountain Days (QMDs)

Only QMDs will count directly to your logbook. A QMD is defined as at least 5 hours on the hill including time spent above 600m

You should gain experience in as may different mountain areas as you can. If you walk up the same hill by the same route ten times then it will only count as one QMD in your log book!

All of your personal experience can be logged, it doesn't only have to be trips that you have done in a scouting context. In fact the assessors like to see that you are getting onto the hills outside of scouting. 

It's also important to log your role with the walking party, as either just a member, the second or as group leader. 

Additional Experience

Only UK hills count but any other hills experience, including abroad should be logged as it shows a broader general understanding of mountainous terrain. Any hill time that doesn't qualify as a QMD should also be logged for the same reason.

Training courses should be logged in additional experience and it's good to also keep a log of your first aid training.

Climbing should be logged separately from walking but if the climb is part of a longer hill day then that can be logged in your walking log.
(Note: summer and winter climbing should also be logged separately)

Separate log books

You should keep separate log books for different activities and in different conditions.

For example: QMDs in summer conditions should go in a summer walking log and in winter conditions should go in a winter walking log.

Below are a selection of (.xls) log book templates for you to download and use

• Summer Walking Log 

• Winter Walking Log

• Additional Experience Log

• First Aid Log

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