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Suggested kit lists

A specific/comprehensive list will be provided with your event confirmation email – approximately 2 weeks before the trip. Please see the IMC Gear Guide for general details or contact the organiser if you are unsure or would like some kit advice before you receive the confirmation.

It is essential for all the participants’ safety that everyone has the correct items of personal equipment, boots and clothing and behaves appropriately. The weekend may be wet, windy and cold. Your personal equipment will be checked and anyone without the correct equipment may be refused permission to go onto the hills.

*Footwear in particular will be checked before loading equipment. The IMC reserve the right to refuse anyone a place on the transport if they fail to produce footwear suitable for the activity. No refunds will be given in such cases.

Some campsites we use are in remote locations with no access to shops all weekend.


  •  Walking boots* suitable for the conditions
  • Walking socks
  • Base layer(s) – preferably not cotton
  • Jumper or fleece – not a hoodie
  • Walking trousers – NOT Jeans
  • Waterproof jacket – MUST have a hood
  • Waterproof over-trousers
  • Hat and gloves
  • Buff - optional
  • Gaiters - recommended if wet


  • Rucksack ~ min 35 ltr, bigger if wild camping**
  • Waterproof rucksack liner – NOT a bin bag!
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder – 1 ltr minimum
  • Hot drink flask
  • Packed lunch and snacks
  • Head torch + spare batteries
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • Personal medication (inform group leader)
  • Map (in case) and compass
  • Compass – if you have one
  • Survival bag and whistle
  • Emergency rations
  • Sunglasses - optional
  • Suncream and lip salve
  • Camera


  • Food (or money) for 2 journeys
  • Change of casual clothes – including warm layer
  • Underwear + spares
  • Sleepwear
  • Wash kit and towel
  • Entertainment - book, cards, games


    • Food for # days
      • # breakfasts,
      • # evening meals,
      • # packed lunches
      • Hill snacks
    • Tent - can be shared, no mixed tents under 18
    • Sleeping bag (liner recommended)
    • Pillow - or pillow case stuffed with spare clothes
    • Roll mat
    • Stove with sufficient fuel (Gas is preferred)
    • Cup, plate and Cutlery
    • Washing-up kit
    • Folding chair

    IMC will provide any group kit but you may be asked to carry something

    Where applicable, IMC will provide a group shelter for cooking under

    Where applicable, the IMC will provide any specialist kit such as helmets or winter hardware. You may bring you own but it will be checked.

    In addition to the normal kit you'd wear or carry on the hill. Spare or excess kit can be left at base camp. Only carry what you need.

    • Larger rucksack ~ 45-60 ltr
    • Small, lightweight tent
    • Sleeping bag + roll mat
    • Small stove + fuel + pan(s)
    • Lightweight, easy to cook food such as dehydrated or boil in the bag
    • Duvet jacket

    Kent Scouts Charity No. 303471