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Training & Assessments 2021, Snowdonia

9th November 2021

Training & Assessments 2021, Snowdonia

A visit back to a traditional base for this year's training and assessment weekend: Old Hall, the GLSW Scout centre in Bethesda. A great turn-out too with a total of 19 people on the trip including first time permit applicants, some permit renewals, a potential new assessor as well as the assessment team and two supporters. Plus Simon, hanging on as usual (just joking Simon, it was good to see you).

As you can see from the photo, the weather on Saturday was as shocking as forecast but that made for some hard navigation conditions meaning we didn't have to spend so long out in the dark! Two existing permit holders successfully renewed their Terrain 2 permits (including a supervisor upgrade) plus one upgrade from T1 to T2. The county now has two brand new T1 permit holders and five more were put through their paces, being thoroughly trained for future assessment. Even the journeys  went well, so all-in-all a successful weekend.

Thanks, as always, to the assessment team and the support staff as well as 5th Northfleet Scout Group for the loan, once again of their minibus; we do wonder sometimes if IMC put more miles on it than they do!


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