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Nepal Earthquake Disaster

28th April 2015

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to have trekked or climbed in Africa or the greater ranges, you will know the valuable role played by local guides, porters and cooks etc who contributed so much to the experience.

So if you were wondering what might be the best way to contribute to the relief effort in Nepal, we have contacted the UK based charity Porters Progress for advice. They say that the best way to help is simply by making a financial donation to one of the big charities who have the logistics in place to make the most of your donation. 

They recommend either Doug Scott's Nepal based charity Community Action Nepal or the Disasters Emergency Committee.

However the Porter Progress clothing banks have been badly affected by the earthquake and will need restocking once the immediate emergency has been dealt with and Nepal starts on the long road to recovery. Kit and clothing donations are not required at the moment but if you have any old kit that you were thinking of selling or getting rid of then hang onto it and we'll let you know when you can put it to good use for a worthwhile cause.

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